This package facilitates the creation of a list of Providers, Customers, Diseases, and Sources in SLIMS. These entries can then be linked to contents (fields included for Providers, Diseases, and Sources) or any other records to add context.

It includes the following fields to be filled out on each Provider and Customer: Provider number (Provider only), Description, Address, City, Zip code, Country, Website, E-mail, Phone number, and Contact person.

How to use the package

Reference data types Providers, Customers, Diseases, and Sources will be available in the Reference Data module in SLIMS once the package is installed.

All the Providers, Customers, Diseases, and Sources used by the lab can be registered in the respective reference data with all the needed meta data.

A Provider, Diseases, and a Source can then be linked to each content created in SLIMS using the provided Dynamic choice field.

Where to Look Next

These references have further information on how to configure or use the package contents after the initial installation and integration.

  • SLIMS Administration Manual:
    • Miscellaneous > Reference Data
    • Miscellaneous > Fields