This package contains the units from the the International System of Units and derived units. It contains units for time (s, min, …), length (m, km, …), mass (µg, g, kg, …), electric current (A, …), temperature (°C, K), amount of substance (mol, …), luminous intensity (cd, …), surface (m^2, …), volume (m^3, nl, µl, l, …) and concentration (µg/ml, g/l, …) with all the relevant prefixes between pico and terra.

This package also includes DNA/RNA length (BP) and scalar units (%, unit).

How to Use the Package

Units will be available in the Units module in SLIMS once the package is installed. They include the unit Abbreviation, Name, Type, and Dimension, and can be given a Sub Dimension also if desired.  Units can be used in SLIMS for Quantity type fields or for test results measured in a specific unit.

Where to Look Next

These references have further information on how to configure or use the package contents after the initial installation and integration.

  • SLIMS Administration Manual:
    • Miscellaneous > Units
    • Miscellaneous > Fields
    • Electronic Lab Notebook > Tests and Tests groups > Tests