This package contains an example Email Template “Email when order is completed” that sends an email to the creator of an order when an order is in status “Completed.” The email is triggered by the “Send email when order is completed” rule that is included in the package. 

How to use the package


  • A working “Email templates SMTP URI” should be set in the Lab Settings module.
  • SLIMS GATE must be running.
  • The users that should receive an email need to have their email address configured in the Users module (E-mail field) so SLIMS knows where to send the email.


  • The address from which the emails will be sent should be configured in the Email template “Email when order is completed:” sender
  • Optional configuration:
    • You can change the text of the email’s subject and body.

Where to Look Next

These references have further information on how to configure or use the package contents after the initial installation and integration.

SLIMS Administration Manual:

  • Miscellaneous > Lab Settings > SLIMS
  • Miscellaneous > Rules
  • Miscellaneous > Notification Setup > Email Templates Module