This package contains the setup for tracking freezing and thawing of samples for biobanks. The package contains:

  • A content event type labelled “Unfreeze.”
  • A content field labelled “Thaw cycle.” This field tracks the number of Unfreeze content events on both the sample as well as the events on the parent samples that were done before the collection date of the current sample.
  • A macro labelled “Unfreeze.” This macro adds a content event of the “Unfreeze” type to the selected content, as well as triggers an update to the Thaw cycle content field.

How to use the package

This is an out-of-the-box solution and can be used after installation without any needed modifications.


The labels on the content event type, content field, and macro can be renamed. If the content event type is renamed, the groovy on the field also needs to be adapted to use the new name.

The macro steps can be edited to show the study choice field or allow for manual editing of the content in the second step.

Where to Look Next

These references have further information on how to configure or use the package contents after the initial installation and integration.

  • SLIMS Administrator Manual:¬†Content Management > Studies > Content event types
  • SLIMS Administrator Manual: Miscellaneous > Macro
  • SLIMS Administrator Manual:¬†Miscellaneous > Fields > Custom Fields