This package can be used as part of the NGS Library Preparation protocol for Illumina TruSeq UD. This package contains:

  • One set of barcode indices: Illumina TruSeq UD.
    • Each barcode index has:
      • A name
      • A sequence
      • A type: I5, I7, or either
    • This is based on document: Illumina Adapter Sequences (1000000002694 v16)Illumina Adapter Sequences v16
  • Two index plate designs: Illumina TruSeq UD 24 and Illumina TruSeq UD 96. Index layout with 8×12 indices.

This package works in combination with the MiSeq package from SLIMS.

How to use the package

After you have imported the package, your SLIMS instance will have:

  • One new index set in the DNA Index Set module with all the barcode indices.
  • Two new plate designs that have matching for positions on a 96 well plate and a barcode index.


The MiSeq package from the Package Browser module should be installed first.


The imported index sets are based on official index documentation, so no update is necessary.

If needed, it is possible to rename the index sets and the indices. The instrument type on the DNA Index set can also be updated.

It is also possible to modify or add index plate designs.

The necessary workflows should be configured and if needed the matching Sequencing settings.

Where to Look Next

These references have further information on how to configure or use the package contents after the initial installation and integration.

  • SLIMS Administration Manual:
    • Workflows > SLIMS NGS